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We mix our passion for design with our love of automobiles to create unique books, design solutions, and stunning photography.




The art of the automobile is celebrated in the books we publish. From the annual yearbook of Monterey Car Week 9 Over 9 to books that showcase a single event or marque.



Autograph is full-service design firm specializing in the creation of integrated design and marketing solutions for the tech, motorsport and entertainment sectors.



Capturing images that sell your product or ignite your passion is what we live for. We don’t take pictures, we make photographs.

The Art of the Automobile


Events, memories, and dreams as seen by some of the best photographers in the world are showcased in the books and fine art prints we produce.


9 OVER 9 is the “yearbook” of Monterey Car Week. Nine photographers over nine days cover the most spectacular cars, events, and personalities.

Rennsport, once every three years Porsche celebrates successes the 2018 edition was by far the biggest and best. It is all captured here in this new book.

Limited edition posters celebrating significant moments in motorsports history. Unique event posters perfect for your shop.


Light and Speed


Fine Art, Product, Studio and Location
Creating images for our clients and educating new photographers


f8 Motorsports Photography Workshops provides an experience at the track normally reserved for working professional photographers. Courses are held at Sonoma Raceway, Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta, Barber Motorsports Park, and Mont Tremblant. Each student receives full media passes and one-on-one instruction with a working professional photographer. For more information click the button below.

F8 students get up close to the action at Laguna Seca

F8 students get up close to the action at Laguna Seca

Photography and design go hand in hand in all of our work. Fine art prints are available for purchase and commisioned work is welcomed.

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Corporate and Event Marketing Solutions


Design is the sum total of decisions which make a product serviceable and attractive. In this sense, questions about whether design is necessary or affordable are quite beside the point, design is inevitable.

Good design is simply the result of making decisions consciously, at the right time, and in consultation with professionals as the need arises.

Graphic Design should not be something that is added on the outside of a project, like the icing on a cake. It is the process of identifying communication needs and then resolving specific problems with visual solutions.